Parts Needed


  1. At the start of the game one chip of each color excluding black are put into a dice bag or similar container. The players then take turns removing one chip from the bag which determines what color they will play as.

  2. The players are then assigned 16 plus an additional 2 chips per player in the game of their color and a colored d6 dice.

  3. Then select a player to go first.


  1. The selected "first player" will play first and then the other players will play taking turns clockwise.

  2. At the start of a turn the players will roll a dice which will determine what color they can place chips on.

  3. The player will then decide if they wish to Place A Chip, Retreat or Destroy a Square.

    Placing Chips: A player may place a chip on any square that matches the color of their turn's dice roll.

    Retreat: On your turn instead of making any other moves you may choose to remove one or two of your own chips from anywhere from the board.

    Destroying Squares: On your turn if occupy a square and the square is not contested you may choose to permanently sacrifice the chip or chips you have on that square to remove that square from the game. A black chip is then put onto this square which shall not be removed for the rest of the game signifying that the square no longer exists and your sacrificed chip is removed from the game as well.

  4. The first player to connect six squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins.


Often you will find yourself wishing to take a square that is already occupied. To do this you must engage in combat. If a square is already occupied and you have rolled the correct color to be able to place chips on that square you may engage in combat by placing one of your chips on top of existing chip upon this square. This makes the chip "contested" meaning that it is not currently owned by anybody. Other players may also on their turns place chips onto this contested square if they have rolled the correct color for the square.

Combat continues until one player has two peices on the square. At this point the other chips taken prisoner by the winning player and the winner of the combat encounter occupies the square.


Chips that are expelled from a square due to losing combat are given to the winner of the combat encounter to be taken as prisoners. Chips whose color matches the square in combat cannot be taken prisoner and are instead returned to their original owner.

There are two ways for a prisoner to be released:

Special Rules


Alternative Ways to Play

There are a few alternative ways to play Frell, a few of which are collected here.


"A Countdown to Total Destruction"

Trivia/Review Frell

"A fun trivia game as well as a learning/review game"

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Players could choose to play the game using Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide combat encounters. This can be especially fun if someone has a pair of Rock, Paper, Scissors Dice.

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