Pathfinder Homebrew: Adventurer’s Kit


So I said earlier that I would be posting some of Pathfinder homebrew I use all the time in my campaigns. To you I present the Adventurer’s Kit. This average looking backpack includes the standard stuff that no Adventurer should be without, you know the little things that help you get by.

The advantage of buying the kit instead of purchasing the components individually is that they are cheaper as part of the kit. At first one would think that players could just buy the kit and sell the pieces individually to make a small profit but this is fixed by the rule stating that generally players can sell items for half of their worth.

This kit costs 4 Gold Pieces and weighs 12 1/2 pounds. In the past I have always just hand-waved what’s including by just saying it included all those tiny little things but now I have decided to actually document what’s included.

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