Walking Dead Our World Hack

Walking Dead Our World Hack

Walking Dead Our World Hack – Gold Cheats

If you have enjoyed playing the world-famous Pokémon Go game then you are surely going to love this one! The Walking Dead: Our World online game is a zombie apocalypse game but with a unique twist. In this game, you need to look around a map of your area and find quests that have to be achieved. If you complete the missions successfully, you will receive rewards in the form on Coins, Gold, Experience, and Cards. Here is a brief introduction on these rewards:

Cards: Cards are divided into three groups – common, rare, and legendary. These can be used to unlock new set of companions and armor or can be utilized for upgrading the ones that you have already acquired.

Experience: The higher the experience that you earn, the faster you will reach new levels! When you unlock a new level in the game, you will acquire various cards, missions, and perks cards.

Coins: It is the main in-game currency that can be used for upgrading your weapon, perks cards, and companion.

Gold: Gold is the special currency of the game, which is very difficult to earn in the game. You can spend Gold for buying premium items that cannot be purchased by Coins. Gold can be bought by spending real money or using hacks.

How To Acquire Coins And Gold Quickly?

You will require Coins and Gold to complete plenty of challenges in the game so earning them in huge amounts is equally important. Listed below are some ways that you could use to earn Coins and Gold in The Walking Dead: Our World game:

  • Select the Infestations challenges and destroy several walkers quickly with the help of your Companion. You will get three waves of walkers that have to be destroyed. As you wipe out each wave, you will earn good amount of currencies.
  • Join a group and complete several weekly challenges with the help of your group mates. Some of the challenges that you will encounter in the group are destroying certain number of walkers by using a specific weapon, taking certain number of survivors to Safe House, and much more. At the end of each challenge that you complete successfully, you will earn plenty of in-game money.
  • If you want to acquire Coins and Gold instantly, then the only solution to solve your problem is to make use of The Walking Dead: Our World hack. The hacking tool will let you generate unlimited amount of Gold and Coins with a few clicks of the mouse.

Is It Safe To Use Walking Dead Our World Hack?

Absolutely! The Walking Dead: Our World cheats is a 100% secured tool that is free of viruses and bugs. There is an inbuilt anti-ban feature, which will keep your gaming avatar hidden and protected from search results. So, you will not get suspended from the game.

Using the hack is easy and quick as you do not have to update it regularly. It gets automatically updated as and when a new feature is added to the tool. A new gamer or first time hacker can also use the hack effortlessly.

Moreover, you can generate Coins as well as Gold multiple times by using Walking Dead Our World hack. Lots of currencies will ensure that you succeed swiftly in your favorite game.

How To Manage Walkers In Encounters?

You will find Walkers all around in Encounters and Infestations. Your job is to eliminate them as quickly as possible by using the weapons that are available with you. Body shots will make their health bar deplete whereas head shots will cause more damage to them. Some of the kinds of walkers that you will come across in the game are slim, regular, heavy, and armored. If you are unable to manage a group of walkers around you, then simply drop a grenade to kill them instantly.

Who Is A Companion?

A Companion or Hero is your friend in the game. You can acquire them by using Cards. Usually, a hero is a renowned personality from TV series and comics. They can be helpful in killing the walkers with their own set of weapons. However, their health meters deplete quickly so you need to take good care of them by dropping the walkers as close as possible to your companions.

What Are Infestations?

As you gain knowledge and confidence in the game, you can consider checking out the Infestations. In these battles, you will come across many more number of walkers at a time. So, if you are a novice in the game then you should certainly not try playing Infestations. Once you complete an Infestation successfully, you will procure rewards such as Epic or Rare Cards, building materials for Safe Houses, and much more.

To conclude, The Walking Dead: Our World is an interesting online game that will fill your life with innumerable zombies. Achieving success in the game is not easy so it is highly recommended to make use of Walking Dead Our World cheats for acquiring infinite currencies. Give it a try!


Walking Dead Our World Hack

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  1. Thanks for this awesome tool! Really appreciated. Finally I can get all my cards upgraded. Hopefully there is tool for energy and coins as well, that will be super!

  2. This hack is great and gives you free gold if you follow all the steps in the instructions, best one yet I have found. Thanks again guys top hack

    1. I love this game. My entire family actually plays and gets excited about characters and new found weapons in the game. We hang and play. It’s great!! I like it much better than pokemon because we are all giant TWD fans.

  3. Thanks for the awesome app.
    The walking dead our world is a really enjoying game and with this hack it would be better af!

  4. Thanks for this awesome tool! Really appreciated. Finally I can get all my cards upgraded. Hopefully there is tool for energy and coins as well, that will be super! Thanks fir hoy firever

  5. Our world is a great gaming experience. I have completely stopped playing ingress and Pokemon go. I am obsessed with the game. Gold is hard to come by and you need it to go far quickly in the game. Anyone who has not played should give it a try. I fully recommend it!

  6. Our world sucks you in quicker than the series did. With amazing game play and awesome team spirit. I see myself playing for years to come!

  7. Our World is the best game that I’ve played. It has the best graphics. And being on a team is awesome. We communicate and work together to get things completed. I don’t play Pokemon Go anymore. I want to thank this website for the gold.

  8. i play with w.d.o.w. at house of friends and i think that it’s a very gorgeus game. i like so mich this type of method game and probably is one of the best way to play it with friends but also in alone mode, like at home with a lot of chips and souce.

  9. Thanks for this awesome tool! Really appreciated. Finally I can get all my cards upgraded. Hopefully there is tool for energy and coins as well, that will be super!

  10. me and my wife really liked playing this walking Dead game. It gives us something else to do besides playing other boring games on our phones plus being walking Dead fans that actually feels like you’re in it. Thank you very much for creating this game so that I have something else to do

  11. Love walking dead our world. I have a great team and competing the challenges is starting much fun. Can’t wait to try the bait feature! Great work on this game, devs! Just love it.

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